Hiring a dog walker in Anthem, Arizona for the first time? With rates varying widely, it’s essential to understand exactly what goes into pricing to find the best value service for your pup. This guide breaks down key factors like experience level, walk time, and scheduling flexibility so you can determine the average cost and choose the right dog walker for your needs.

These are very common questions, especially when it is your first time booking a dog walk. To help guide you in your search for the best dog walking service in Anthem, AZ, we will answer all your questions about average cost and how to find the right walker for your pup!

What is the average cost of a dog walker in Anthem, AZ?

Dog walking rates will vary depending on the company, whether it’s your neighbor, a professional, and if they are highly experienced or just a dog walking/pet sitting hobbyist. Other factors will depend on how many dogs you have that need to be walked at once.  

Average Dog Walking Rates in Anthem, AZ

  • Cost range for 20 minute walk:  $15-$25
  • Cost range for 30 minute walk: $25-$35
  • Cost range for 60 minute walk: $35-$45

DOG WALK BOOKING TIP: Be sure to ask if they offer a discount on weekly walks. Many professionals have package deals they can offer.

Top 5 Factors That Influence Cost

  1. Experience Level and Certifications: Dog walkers with more experience = higher rates such as CPR/First Aid certification
  2. Walk Duration: Longer walk time = higher rates (Most walks range from 30-60 minutes)
  3. Number of Dogs Walked: Cost may increase per additional dog Discounts sometimes offered for multi-dog households
  4. Scheduling Availability and Flexibility: With 24/7 availability, there is a demand for higher rates.  Backup coverage for emergencies also increases rates
  5. Post-Visit Reports: Photos and detailed summaries take more effort GPS maps of walking route increase transparency

Choose Professional Dog Walkers for Safety & Peace of Mind

  • Ensure proper leash/collar protocols to prevent escapes
  • Home safety and security during each visit
  • DOUBLE certification and extensive first aid/CPR training to prevent and handle emergency situations
  • Thoroughly vetted employees (background checks, etc)
  • Communicate arrival/departures and document walks

Let’s face it, our dogs are not just dogs, they are OUR fur-babies, and we want to make sure they are well-loved, safe, and spoiled. They deserve the highest quality care on every dog walking visit.  It’s well worth it to do your research and make sure your pup has the very best dog walker.

If you’re in need of a professional dog walking service, Pawfect Pet Sitter services many areas, including Anthem, AZ. 

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