If you’ve never booked a dog walk before, you might be wondering how much it will cost for someone to walk your dog in Anthem, AZ and the surrounding area.  Not only that, but you may feel a bit anxious about how to choose the right dog walker. 

These are very common questions, especially when it is your first time booking a dog walk. To help guide you in your search for the best dog walking service in Anthem, AZ, we will answer all your questions about average cost and how to find the right walker for your pup!

What is the average cost of a dog walk in Anthem, ArizonaWhat is the average cost of a dog walker in Anthem, AZ?

Dog walking rates will vary depending on the company, whether it’s your neighbor, a professional, and if they are highly experienced or just a dog walking/pet sitting hobbyist. Other factors will depend on how many dogs you have that need to be walked at once.  

DOG WALK BOOKING TIP: Be sure to ask if they offer a discount on weekly walks. Many professionals have package deals they can offer.

5 Questions to ask before hiring a dog walker and determining how much you should pay

1) How long of a walk does your pup need?  

Many dog walkers or dog walking companies charge based on the amount of time your pup needs to be walked. 

Do you need a simple mid-day potty break because you’re at work and can’t get home to let them outside?

Are you making sure your pup gets their daily exercise to prevent boredom, lose weight or minimize destructive behavior? 

There are many benefits to giving your pup a daily walk, but determining the length of the walk will depend on your schedule and the purpose of the dog walk. Common dog walking lengths range from 20-60 minutes and the cost of the dog walk is dependent on the length of the walk. 

2) Is your dog walker experienced?

You might think it would be acceptable to hire the neighbor kid to walk your dog, but have you thought about safety? 

What if an aggressive dog approaches them? 

What if they don’t leash them up properly, or your dog dashes out the door because they don’t have safety precautions in place?

Pet CPR certified pet sitters may cost more, but having a professional pet sitter is so much more beneficial to your peace of mind and your pup’s well being. Pet CPR certified sitters know:

  • how to harness your pup, do collar checks, 
  • handle the leash properly when walking your pup, 
  • how to react if an off-leash dog approached them while they are walking your pup, 
  • how to enter your home safely and securely so your pets don’t escape, and 
  • what to do in the event of an emergency.


3) Will I be able to get a dog walker anytime I need them?

Does your dog walker have a backup plan to ensure someone is always there to walk your pup? 

It doesn’t always mean you’ll be paying more for someone available at all times, but choosing a professional over a hobbyist, in this case, can be a deciding factor in availability for your walks whenever you need them. 

We recommend choosing a professional dog walking company that always has a backup on hand in the event of an emergancy (i.e., sickness, car accident, etc.). 

4) How can I schedule my dog walk requests?

Having the ease of hopping on your phone to book your dog walk these days makes things a lot easier! 

If your dog walker has scheduling software, they can even automate your walks if you need them on certain days or weekly.

5) How will I know my pup had their walk?

Some dog walkers or dog walking companies will send you a picture of your dog on their walk. However, professional dog walking companies will have thorough communication from when they arrive at your home to when they leave. 

Professional dog walking services will:

  • Let you know they have arrived to your home
  • When they end their walk
  • Send pictures of their walk and how much fun it was 
  • They may also include a GPS where they took your pup on the walk, so you know how far they went and how many minutes your dog walked.  


Phew! That’s a lot of info on dog walks and the average cost in Anthem, AZ! Let’s face it, our dogs are not just dogs, they are OUR fur-babies, and we want to make sure they are well-loved, safe, and spoiled. They deserve the highest quality care on every dog walking visit.

It’s well worth it to do your research and make sure your pup has the very best dog walker.

If you’re in need of a professional dog walking service, Pawfect Pet & House Sitting services many areas, including Anthem, AZ. 

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