Have you traveled a long distance with your pet?

Traveling?  5 Tips For Preparing Your Pets For Their Pet Sitter!

July is a high season for travel across the northern hemisphere where it is summer months.However, as us pet owners know, we can’t always bring our pets along with us, so we have to find a sitter.  There are already so many things on your mind.  Have you packed enough?  Have you packed too much?  Passports? Transportation and accommodations?  Preparing for a sitter can add to the stress, so we want to help make your travel preparations a little more stress-free with these helpful tips, which you can use as a checklist:

1.  Find a pet sitter you trust.  We get it, you wouldn’t trust just anyone wit your human babies and the same goes for your fur-babies.  That’s where we come in and can make sure to help find the best sitter for you.

2.  Detailed Checklist.  Prepare a detailed checklist of the daily routine and to-do list.  This will ensure your pet sitter knows what to do, when to do it, and that it all gets done.  Include details about when to go for walks, when and how much to feed, (for dogs) how many potty breaks to take, any house rules, and where all their belongings are (toys, clothes, leashes, potty related items, etc.).  You can also include details about your pet(s) personalities.  If you have more than one pet, it may be helpful to include a picture of each with their names.

3. Keep all supplies in one easy-to-find location.  A single location for all the food, treats, poop bags, grooming supplies, clothes, and toys will make it easy for your sitter to find and care for your pet.

4.  For your pet’s comfort.  You can leave a piece of your own worn clothing in your pet’s bed so that s/he can smell your scent.  This will provide comfort in your absence.

5.  Contact.  Make sure you leave a list of ways to contact you, as well as another emergency contact of someone you trust, should your sitter need to get a hold of you.  Rest assured, that with these tips, you’ve made all the best preparations for your sitter, and you can enjoy your vacation!  Bon voyage!

Let us know what your experience has been like with traveling with your pets!  Did it go smoothly, or were you happy to have a pet sitter you could rely on while you were away?

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