Keep Dogs Safe in Hot Weather: 10 Must-Follow Tips

Arizona’s hot summers can be dangerous for dogs. As temperatures climb, it’s crucial to take steps to prevent overheating, dehydration and burning paws. This article outlines 10 essential tips all dog owners should follow to keep their pets healthy and happy despite the desert heat.

  1. Exercise Early or Late:  The coolest times for walks are early morning before 10 a.m. or evening after 5 p.m. when pavement temperatures have dropped. Scheduling exercise during these hours prevents overheating.
  2. Stay Hydrated:  Always leave plenty of cool, clean water. Add ice cubes to keep it extra refreshing. Dehydration risk climbs as mercury rises.
  3. Provide Shade: Dogs need constant access to shaded spots outdoors. Inside, keep air conditioning running to maintain a comfortable climate.
  4. Skip Booties:  Contrary to belief, booties often cause paws to overheat by inhibiting natural cooling. To avoid burns, stick to grass or dirt on hot pavement days.
  5. Don’t Leave Pets in Cars:  Even with windows cracked, interior temperatures can exceed 115°F within minutes. Never leave a pet alone, even briefly.
  6. Check Asphalt Temps: If pavement is too hot for a human palm for 7-10 seconds, it’s too hot for unprotected paws. Adjust walks accordingly or carry pets.
  7. Limit Time Outside:  Dogs should not remain outdoors unattended for over 30 minutes when above 85°F. Some breeds like brachycephalic dogs overheat faster.
  8. Recognize the Signs: Watch for early symptoms like excessive panting, lethargy and bright red gums signaling overheating. Respond immediately.
  9. Prep the Home: Ensure pets have a cool place indoors to relax. Keep air conditioning on and utilize fans for better air circulation.
  10. Prevent Unattended Access: Secure gates, fences and doors so pets can’t escape and become stranded outside during dangerous temperatures.

Safely enjoying Arizona’s beautiful weather with pets is totally possible by following these top 10 overheating prevention tips. With preparation and vigilance, dogs and dog parents can beat the heat all summer long.

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