What’s the difference between a Professional pet sitter and a hobbyist?

A Professional pet sitter is more knowledgable and well-trained in animal behavior. We are more experienced with different types of animals and understand the proper ways to handle certain dogs, cats or birds, including health and medical needs. We are insured, bonded, and certified, which means your pets are in the best care possible when you are away! You never have to worry about your pets being neglected. We are punctual, reliable, honest, caring, experienced, and knowledgeable. Our pet professionals are background checked, and we promise to do our very best, every time and provide quality services to you and your pets. We make it our priority to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with service each and every visit!

Why Should I Use Pawfect Pet & House Sitter?

Your pet will remain in his or her familiar, secure environment and follow his or her customary diet and exercise routine. Your pet is not exposed to illness of other animals. Most importantly, your pet receives lots of love and personal attention while you are away, with NO black out dates! We are always available to help you with your pet sitting/dog walking needs! Our sitters are completely backed up by one of our other sitters in cases of emergency, illness or sitter vacations. Pawfect’s Pet Professionals are employees who have passed a background check and are under the bonding and liability insurance as well as Workers Compensation of Pawfect Pet & House Sitter. We are loving, dependable and trustworthy!

What do you do at each Pet Check-in?

Our pet sitting check-ins include: Feeding per your instructions, fresh water, love and play time, brushing, litter box cleaned, bird cage cleaned, medication given if needed, mail and newspaper brought in, plants watered, lights on and off, and of course, all pets are pampered each and every time, providing the “Pawfect” care! We will also provide updates with each visit including time of arrival, pictures, and updates on how our visit went.

If my pet has an “accident”, do you clean it up?
Yes, we will always make sure we clean up after any pet messes. We are very particular with maintaining a clean environment and leaving your home kept as you would expect it to be.
Can I be assured of same pet sitter each time?

We prefer to have the continuity of the same pet sitter each time. However, we will always assign a 2nd sitter who is familiar with your pets, and have done a meet and greet as backup, so you never have to worry about if your pets are cared for in an emergency situation.

Can I book my visits through my pet sitter directly?

No, All visits should be booked through our online booking system or calling (480) 296-0026. You may also email us at Your visits will NOT be covered under our liability insurance if you do not book through Pawfect Pet Sitter directly. You may have your sitter’s cell phone #, but please contact the office for bookings and cancellations. In the event you need to cancel your visit, please notify the office within 24 hours if possible, as there may be a cancellation fee if done last minute.

How long are your visits?

Our goal and mission of caring for all animals extends beyond “just a visit”  ~ we want to provide each client and their pets with exceptional, and PAWfect care!  We do not have a “time-limit” on our Daily Check-ins or dog walks ~ this means it simply depends on how long it takes us to give them the care they need without a timer.  

We never rush through our visits, and we always want to make sure your pets and the care we provide is thorough. It is important to us that your pets are happy and content, as well as having all of their needs met. 

Are you insured and bonded?

Yes. We carry liability insurance and all sitters are bonded for in-home pet care, dog walks, and boarding. Our sitters are also employees vs independent contractors so they are covered under workers compensation. This is a very big difference when you choose us!
All sitters are screened and background checked prior to employment.

I have never used an overnight pet sitter before; can you tell me a little bit about this service?

We offer an overnight stays from 7pm to 7 am. Overnight pet sitting stays give you peace of mind knowing that your home is secure and your pets are getting the extra love and care they need. This is a great option if you have a pet that suffers from separation anxiety. If your pets are used to sleeping in your bed with you, we are happy to have them sleep in the bed with us too!  We are able to add additional pet check ins as needed for potty breaks and other needs throughout the day aside from our 7pm-7am overnight stay.

All sitters are screened prior to employment.

Will I receive a refund if I leave later than expected or return early?

No, there will be no refunds, but we will gladly credit your account for
future visits.

Do you work Holidays?

Absolutely! We work on all U.S. Holidays, so you can enjoy time with your family and friends. We are always here for your pet sitting needs, so leave the walks, feeding, litter box scooping, and play time to us!

How are keys handled?

Pawfect Pet & House Sitter requires 2 keys and a lockbox on the property, along with the lockbox code to be provided during the initial consultation. You are responsible for proper maintenance of the lockbox/code, making sure the lockbox is in working order prior to any starting visits.

If you live in a gated community or apartment building, we must have a gate code or key fob to get into your building.

*One of the duplicate keys will be kept in the safe at our office and coded with a number and your pet’s name. There are no paper records kept at our office that could ever connect your numbered key to your home. If you would like your keys back after the time of visits, there will be a $15.00 key return fee.

We recommend a lockbox like this one (click HERE), and it can be delivered within just a few days with AmazonPrime if you don’t already have one.


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