A bad smelling dog is never pleasant for any pet owner, but there are many reasons why your dog could have an odor. Here are 5 ways to minimize or even eliminate your pet’s odor and keep them smelling fresh!


1) Dog Food – There are so many brands of dog food, but which one should you choose? The best foods for your dog are those with high proteins, with little to no bi-products, watch for low grade ingredients. It’s important to find a food that has whole ingredients without many of the preservatives/chemicals too. They don’t have to be super expensive to be a good food either; a few of my favorites are Whole Hearted by Petco or Natural Balance Limited Ingredients, both are moderate in price yet good quality food & ingredients.  Be careful with foods that contain lentils/beans as they can be harmful to certain breeds and their digestive systems.

2) Say “No” to Table Scraps – Your dog might love the fact that he can eat what you eat at the dinner table, or beg for that last potato chip, but truth is, table scraps are NEVER healthy for your pet, and they can develop a bad habit of thinking you’re going to give them food every time you cook. Scraps can also lead to obesity and even diseases, so it’s best to stick with dog food and an occasional healthy treat.

3) Daily Baths – Believe it or not, regularly bathing your dog on a weekly basis is not good for your dog’s skin or coat, and can also lead to your pet secreting more oils to make up for what has been stripped away, causing bad odor. I like to only give my dogs a bath when necessary, usually 1-2 times per month at the most. Of course, if your dog just got done rolling around in the dirt or smells like wet dog, maybe they do just need a good bath!

4) Get Your Pup a Health Checkup – many odors can be caused by health related issues such skin allergies, an ear infection or tooth decay. Skin irritations can cause your dog to smell too, so watch for itchy, red, irritated or a rash on your dog’s skin ~ for itch relief I recommend Skin Support Plus for itch relief with Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile, & Aloe Vera. Smelly ears can be from lack of cleanliness, continual moisture, or build up of hair inside your dog’s ear canal. It’s important to regularly check your dog’s ears for any signs of infection or maybe they simply need a good cleaning with an ear cleaning solution such as PawTree Ear Wash.  Tooth decay can also make your dog smell more than normal. It’s a good idea to prevent tooth decay by giving your dog a water supplement to help break down plaque, one of my favorite natural chews are called Yak chews.  PawTree Dental Sticks or even homemade treats with peppermint and parsley are good too!

5) Anal Glands – Often described as a “fishy odor”, these glands can get backed up, and need to expressed, often done by your veterinarian or groomer. These glands are small secretory glands on both sides of a dog’s rectum and are a very natural and necessary part of your dog’s anatomy. Unfortunately, many dogs seem to have problems with them, causing pain, “mess” and most certainly a nasty odor.


Does Your Dog Stink?

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