Contact-Free Dog Walks

Is your pup lonely, destructive, or simply need a potty break for those long hours at work? Working from home and wanting to eliminate distractions?

Wanting to keep your dog walks “Contact-free” for health reasons?


 We understand your needs and concerns and are here to customize our services to you and your pups’ needs! No more guilt that your pup is staring you down with those sad puppy eyes! We’ll give your dog the exercise, fresh air and potty break they need while you stay focused on your work.

Here’s How:

We are always practicing good hygiene ~ and are required to sanitize before and after getting out of the car to start our visit, we will also wear a mask upon request.

We will text you or ring your doorbell once we have arrived for our visit.
You’ll meet us at the door with your dog leashed up.
Then open your door just enough to let your dog out to greet us.
We will hook up our leash to your pup’s collar, and unhook your leash.
Then you’ll close your door, and we will start our walk adventure with your pup!
When we return, we’ll open your door and let your pup inside.
We always want to provide you with peace of mind and have your health and safety as top priority ~ we are also able to pick your pup up from your backyard too! Just let us know whichever option you prefer.

Other Services

Boarding & Daycare

Are you wanting a place where your dog can feel comfortable like home, without the kennels at a boarding facility?


Pet Sitting

Perfect for going out of town for work or vacation and a great option for multiple pets who need care.


Pet Taxi

Pet taxi service is convenient when you need to take pet to the groomers, veterinarian, doggy daycare, airport etc..


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