Anthem Pet Resources

Local Pet Resources in Anthem/New River/Tramonto



Daisy Mountain Veterinarian - Dr. Young

Through personal experience, Daisy Mountain Veterinarian has been wonderful in caring for our cat Binx! Dr. Young takes her time and is willing to address any of the concerns you might have. They are also reasonably priced and willing to set up payment plans if needed.

(623) 551-8387
39508 W. Daisy Mountain Dr. #126
Anthem, AZ 85086


Desert Hills Animal Clinic

This clinic truly cares about your fur-babies!  They have personable staff, and very affordable rates!  They also have an app where you can check in and get reminders about upcoming visits.  Dr. 

(623) 581-1558
1039 E Carefree Hwy Suite A, Phoenix, AZ 85085
Phoenix, AZ 85085 


New River Veterinarian - Dr. Sarah

My dog has extremely bad teeth that needed to be pulled, but also had a hernia that needed surgery. Dr. Sarah and her staff are friendly, and they offered reasonable pricing on dental work! Dr. Sarah was able to show me on an X-ray exactly what was going on with my pup’s health and help me understand what needed to be done to help her get better!

(623) 465-9488
48410 N. Black Canyon Hwy
New River, AZ 85087



Twin Tails Cageless Grooming

nWe have take our Standard Poodle – Latte here for her grooming, and they do an amazing job! Latte’ is excited to come to see her staff, they all are very friendly and you can tell they enjoy what they do! Best of all, they know how to groom our poodle to make her look beautiful, and there are no kennels so your dogs feel less stressed!

(602) 900-9995
2805 W. Carefree Hwy #113
Phoenix, AZ 85085


The Glitterati Groomer (Mobile)

We started doing mobile grooming with all of our pups recently ~ it’s much easier and super affordable!  I love that we are getting the same groomer each time and custom styles we want for our pups.  This cuts out drive-time and she comes right to our front door, I simply hand them off and they come back looking clean and fluffy again!  Donna is amazing at what she does, true talent for grooming!  She does have limited availability and I believe there is a waiting list, but well worth it if you can get in with her!

(480) 694-6999

Dog Trainers


Grandpawz Anthem Dog Training

Grandpawz is a privately owned small business that provides small dog obedience and service training by Paul Renkas. Many of our client’s have used them to train their pups, and have heard many wonderful things about them!

(414) 813-5050

Dog Parks


Anthem Dog Park

Local Cat & Dog Rescues


Anthem Pets Animal Rescue

Anthem Pets is an amazing pet rescue! We adopted our cat from them, along with my parent’s dog and cat! All wonderful pets we adore! They do their best to find loving homes for those in need, and they come with a vet-check and microchip, as well as spayed and neutered. It’s a wonderful organization that provides happy, healthy homes for those in need!

Lost/Found Pets

Adopt a Pet

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